European Surfactants Initiative

Surfactants from rapeseed oil, for example, have slightly different properties than previously used wash-active substances. A systematic and valid development process is indispensable in order to achieve the same performance levels in the surfactant system that customers have come to expect from Frosch products. Such a process has been completed for many products from Frosch. Surfactants Made from European Plants The successful formula of the Frosch brand: Add innovation to the tried-and-tested. Frosch has long used the natural ingredients vinegar, alcohol and soda ash that our grandmothers relied on as proven household remedies. Cleaning products today, however, are often made of surfactants (wash-active sub- stances). Conventional cleaners generally contain petroleum- based surfactants. In contrast, Frosch relies on surfactants derived from renewable plant sources such as coconut or palm kernel oil. For some time we have used surfactant raw materials covered up to 100% by sustainable certificates in the Book & Claim system of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. But that is not enough for Frosch. Solutions are being worked out in an ambitious research project so that we can do without surfactants from tropical cultivation in the long term and instead use surfactants made from plants cultivated in Europe.